School Council

Ashgrove State School has a School Council comprised of 12 members with representation from staff and parents.

The role of a school council is to:

  • monitor the school’s strategic direction
  • approve plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
  • monitor the implementation of the plans, policies and other relevant documents
  • advise the school’s principal about strategic matters.

The school council plays a role in monitoring and informing the school’s strategic direction in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the school’s students.

Elected members retain their position for 2 years to ensure the continuity of the School Council. In any year where new nominations are required a returning officer is appointed. Notice of election is given via the school newsletter.

School Council Constitution

School Council Charter

School Council Members 2018
Anita Bond (Principal)
Rachel Gadsden (P&C President)
Heather Mercer (Staff)
Joy Sinclair (Staff)
Alex Schmidt (Staff)
Sandy Gardner (Staff)
Ben Fosten (Staff – Chairperson)
Rachael Anderson (Parent)
Olivia Law (Parent)
Luke Stalley (Parent)
Lavinia Proctor (Parent)
Roger Desailly (Parent)
Heather Marshall (Minutes Secretary Non-Voting)