School Council

Ashgrove State School has a School Council comprised of 12 members with representation from staff and parents.

The role of a school council is to:

  • monitor the school’s strategic direction
  • approve plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
  • monitor the implementation of the plans, policies and other relevant documents
  • advise the school’s principal about strategic matters.

The school council plays a role in monitoring and informing the school’s strategic direction in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the school’s students.

Elected members retain their position for 2 years to ensure the continuity of the School Council. In any year where new nominations are required a returning officer is appointed. Notice of election is given via the school newsletter.

School Council Constitution

School Council Charter

School Council Members 2018
Anita Bond (Principal)
Rachel Gadsden (P&C President)
Heather Mercer (Staff)
Joy Sinclair (Staff)
Alex Schmidt (Staff)
Sandy Gardner (Staff)
Ben Fosten (Staff)
Bec Blake (Parent)
David Bean (Parent)
Rachael Anderson (Parent)
Olivia Law (Parent)
Luke Stalley (Parent)
Heather Marshall (Minutes Secretary Non-Voting)