Stop Drop Go

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The Stop, Drop & Go Zone operates in the top car park (near the Fire Station) each afternoon between 2.50pm and 3.15pm.

Parents/carers must register to use the Stop Drop & Go Zone and agree to the conditions of use. Once registered you will receive a Name Card to display on your car windscreen visor.

Stop Drop Go Registration Form

The Stop Drop Go zone is run by Volunteer parents. Please consider helping if you can spare 30 minutes in the afternoon. There are two carparks reserved for the use of volunteers.

Some helpful tips when picking your child/children up from Stop Drop & Go;

  1.  Remind your children in the morning that you will be picking them up in the afternoon from Stop Drop & Go (especially the young ones – they usually need a reminder each time) and to get to the pick up area right after school.  Please also remind your children that they are to remain at the Stop Drop & Go Zone and wait for you.  They are not to drop their bag and then go off into the playground.
  2. It is best not to enter the car park until the bell has rung and your child has had time to get to the Stop Drop & Go Zone.  This means entering the car park after 3pm.  Usually some congestion from Prep pick up has cleared by this time and we are not clogging the car park, waiting for children who are not there yet!  Cars arriving early will be asked to leave the Zone after two minutes, if their child is not there.
  3. Please ensure that your child/children’s SURNAME is clearly printed on your name card and that the name card is attached to your front passenger visor with two elastic bands.
  4. Parents/carers are requested to stay in their car.  The Stop Drop & Zone volunteers/monitors will assist your child with getting into the car, along with their bags etc.
  5. NO PARKING in the Stop Drop & Go Zone.  Cars will be asked to move on after 2 minutes if their child is not ready to be picked up.
  6. In the mornings the same rules apply – parents/carers are to remain in their car while children get out of the car.  If you need to assist/walk your child to class, please park your car in the car park.  If there are no parks available, there is ample parking at the back of the school.  Please do not use the Stop Drop and Go Zone if you need to park and assist/walk your child to class in the mornings!