Interschool Sport


Sport at Ashgrove plays an important part in ensuring all our students receive a well rounded education. The school participates in the North West District School Sports Association. All children in Year 4 to 6 play regular competiition games against other local schools on twenty Fridays during the school year.

The inter-school sports that Ashgrove students participate in include:
Netball, Soccer, Rugby League, Touch Football, Flipperball, Cricket, Softball, T-Ball, Triathlon and Australian Rules Football.
Playing in a team sport allows the students to learn the skills and tactics of the games a swell as developing a sense of team work and school spirit.

Children also have the opportunity to represent the school at swimming, cross country and track and field. Students in Year 5 & 6 and  have the chance to trial for higher honours at District, Regional and State teams in all sports offered by Queensland School Sport.