Debating is thriving at Ashgrove State School, with a growing number of Year 5 and 6 students involved in the prestigious Queensland Debating Union competition which takes place in the latter half of the school year. In preparation for this inter-school challenge, members of the school’s debating program participate in training clinics. These intensive sessions hone skills and develop students’ abilities to formulate a case as part of a team.

Participation in weekly debating sessions has allowed some of Ashgrove’s most articulate and analytical students to develop their gifts and to gain new skills through the process of participating in preparation for and involvement in debates. As the culture of debating flourishes in the school, we are confident that individuals will gain much from involvement in this demanding activity.

In recognition of the commitment and hard work of our school’s debaters, the P & C has generously provided the funding for the purchase of formal uniforms to be worn by our students in the QDU competition.

Please contact our debating coach Hannah Sutherland via email if you have any questions.