Choir 2808

The Senior Choir caters for students from Year 5 and 6 and Middle Choir for students in Years 3 & 4. This is an all comers choir however, the conductor will from time to time hold short “auditions” to monitor the student’s development and to ensure that the child is given every opportuntiy to learn to sing in tune. The choir meets once a week for rehearsal and this is a vital part of developing a great sounding choir. Attendance at rehearsal also ensures that we are able to attend more performances/ competitions/ concerts  as the whole group is prepared for performance. The voice is the primary instrument of all musicians and learning to sing in tune reflects in instrumental playing as well as educated listening.  Choral development has also been proven to be very important in the development of literacy skills amongst children.

The school engages the services of Laura Huehn to conduct the choir.  Laura can be contacted via email:

Senior Choir rehearsal takes place on Wednesday mornings  7.30-8.30am in the JB Stephens Building.
Middle Choir rehearsal takes place on Thursday mornings from 8.00-8.35am in the JB Stephens Building

A choir membership form can be downloaded here.

Choir Membership Form