Enrolment Registration Forms Year 1-6


Ashgrove State School operates under an Enrolment Management Plan and enrolment is only guaranteed if you reside within our Catchment Zone. Proof of residence must be provided.

Our EMP is in place so that we can manage our enrolment numbers within the existing learning spaces in our school. The majority of our classes for 2019 are either at or nearing capacity and therefore we are not able to accept Out of Catchment students. Our limited spaces will be held for families that move into our catchment zone throughout the school year.

Our waiting list for Year 1 to Year 6 Out of Catchment 2020 enrolments is now open. Please complete the form below and email it to: enrolments@ashgrovess.eq.edu.au. We will contact families in November to advise if we have available vacancies in the relevant year level to make an enrolment offer.

Registration form 2020 Year 1-6

The enrolment Waitlist for Year 1-6 in 2021 will open at the start of the 2020 school year. A new Registration form will be uploaded at this time.

The following Enrolment Application Forms listed below should only be completed if the Principal or Deputy Principal have confirmed the enrolment of your child (e.g. you reside within our Catchment Zone and have provided proof of residency documentation). These can be emailed to: enrolments@ashgrovess.eq.edu.au.

Student Enrolment Form 

Enrolment Agreement

State School Consent Form

Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities and Devices 2020

P-2 Third Party Website Consent Form 2020