Digital Technologies


Our Digital Technologies program supports the school vision of being a World Class School. Through providing our students with access to up to date technology, learning and teaching that encompasses 21st century skills and engaging and personalised learning programs, we aim to equip our students with the skills they will require to be confident and capable digital users now and into the future.

Following a lengthy consultation process to review the way our school facilitates student access to technology that will enhance students’ ability to engage with the curriculum, we have devised a new technology program that will begin in 2018.

Students in Years Prep to Two will access a range of technology provided by the school. These students will not be required to bring any technology from home.

Students in Years Three to Six will access iPads in the classroom. For this to occur in 2018, parents of students in these year levels can choose from one of the following options that are aligned to DET Policy and supported by the State Education Fees Matrix.

1. Purchase their own iPad for their child to use;
2. Join the Student Resource Scheme and pay $240/year to access a school iPad whilst at school (this includes apps, administration/maintenance cost, hire of the device, case, screen protector provided by the school).
3. Access an equity fleet. (This option is for families experiencing financial hardship. Please ring the office to make an appointment to discuss this option if required.)

2018 BYOD Technology Resource Pack

2018 SRS Technology Resource Pack

Apps Register 2018

Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities and Devices