Ashgrove Literature Festival

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Ashgrove State School is proud to host the Ashgrove Literature Festival – an annual 3 day community event focused on literature and creativity. In 2016 the Festival will be held from 23 to 25 August. The Festival is a fantastic opportunity for the students of Ashgrove and our invited guests to meet and speak with authors, attend specialist workshops and also produce and showcase their own creative skills.

Authors booked for the 2016 event include:

Nadia Sunde

Nadia Sunde 

Nadia Sunde is one of Australia’s most celebrated and highly acclaimed children’s theatre writers and performers. She is the author of two published illustrated children’s book. Nadia is an intuitive storyteller/ singer that uses her skills as a professional performer to engage children in a vibrant and interactive workshop full of stories, songs and loads of laughter. Nadia effectively uses drama, comedy and music as tools to activate children’s imagination and creative curiosity.



Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlinson

Aleesah Darlison is a multi-published, award-winning Australian children’s author. She has written over twenty-five books for children including picture books, chapter books and novels/series and has won several awards for her writing and had numerous short stories, articles and book reviews published. She is the director of NSW Writer’s Centre Kids and YA Festival.



Brian Falkner

 Brian Falkner 

Brian is an award-winning international author and writing coach. A highly sought-after speaker in schools around Australia, the US and New Zealand. He is the author of more than thirteen novels for children and young adults, published in fifteen countries in seven languages. His infectious enthusiasm, humour and energy make every appearance a popular ad memorable one.




morris Gleitzma

Morris Gleitzman 

Morris Gleitzman is a bestselling Australian children’s author. His books explore serious and sometimes confronting subjects in humorous and unexpected ways. His books are published in more than twenty countries. All Morris’ other books have been shortlisted for or have won numerous children’s book prizes in Australia and overseas.




Katherine BattersbyKatherine Battersby 

Katherine Battersby is the critically acclaimed children’s author and illustrator of Squish Rabbit. Katherine is an experienced children’s presenter, whose talks and workshops are interactive and fun. She regularly presents book talks, writing workshops and illustration workshops. She has featured at children’s literary festival and has also presented at many schools across Australia.



Mick ElliotMick Elliot 

Mick Elliot is a children’s television, producer, scriptwriter and animator. Mick Elliot has written and published his new book “The Turners”. Since 2001, he has worked at Nickelodeon Australia, overseeing award-winning series for kids of all ages. His work at Nickelodeon has won more than twenty international awards, while his animated short films have screened at over sixty festivals worldwide.


Shamini Flint

Shamini Flint.

Shamini is an author based in Singapore, and is best known for her crime fiction novels series Inspector Singh Investigates, published in many languages around the world. Shamini has sold over 500,000 books since she began writing six years ago. Aside from crime fiction novels, she also writes children’s books with cultural and environmental themes.




Samantha Turnbull

Samantha Turnbull 

Samantha Turnbull is a multi-award winning journalist currently working at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a multimedia journalist. She is the author of The Anti-Princess Club series. She specialises in stories that feature strong girls without the use of princesses, damsels in distress and fairies.



jack heath

Jack Heath. 

Jack Heath is the award-wining author of three action-adventure books: The Lab, Remote Control and Money Run. Jack started writing The Lab when he was 13 years old and had a publishing contract at 18. When he is not writing, Jack is performing street magic, composing film music, and teaching and lecturing at various festivals He has been named the ACT Young Australian of the Year by the Australian Capital Territory.


Ben Brown

Ben Brown 

Ben Brown is an award winning children’s author, poet and a freelance writer. He has performed throughout New Zealand and his work has been published around the world. Ben writes children’s book and short stories for both children and adults. Since 1992, he has been a publisher and writer collaborating with his wife, illustrator Helen Taylor, in most of his 17 publications.




Perform Educational Troupe 

Perform! Educational Musicals is a multi award winning producer. Operating for 15 years we are one of the largest touring educational companies bringing first class professional services directly into schools.




11Gregg Dreisse 

Gregg is the author of his first picture book, Silly Birds. Gregg is a teacher, author and illustrator. Gregg uses traditional themes and techniques but have also added contemporary elements to further engage younger and diverse audiences. Gregg is passionate about visiting schools and libraries to encourage children to be the best they can be.