Ashgrove Literature Festival

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Ashgrove State School is proud to host the Ashgrove Literature Festival – an annual 3 day community event focused on literature and creativity.

Commencing Monday 27th August and running through to Thursday 30th August, this year’s theme is ‘Storytelling through creativity’. 

The event immediately follows book week which features ‘Find your treasure’ as its theme, so staff have been busily organising a range of activities and guest authors designed to encourage all students to find creative ways and means of enjoying storytelling and in the process perhaps discover their own hidden treasure of a book!

During the Literature Festival there will performances by Indigenous Dance Group Gubbi Gubbi, craft activities – including everything from painting to puppetry as well as guest authors Pat Flynn, Mr Yippadee and Elly Awesome.  The school choir will commence proceedings with a performance and there will be book sales before and after school.

Each activity has been selected to support creativity in storytelling; acknowledging that literature can be appreciated in a myriad of ways.


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